UN CLIMATE CHANGE REPORT: Earth Warming, Glaciers Melting, Sea Levels Rising


Intro: According to a United Nations report, the earth is warming, and sea levels are rising from glaciers melting in Antarctica and in that northern nation President Trump is trying to buy: Greenland.

Helping us shed some light on the heated topic of Climate Change is Joe Sixpack, a popular Internet working man’s conservative who says he has a rational fear of climate that doesn’t change.


  1. Tell us about your rational fear of what might happen if people take this U.N. report seriously and progressives were to succeed in their quest at stopping climate change.

Answer: Wow! Imagine having the same temperature in Antarctica as we have in Florida. Think about what it would be like if we had identical weather day after day, season after season, with no climate change. If that were to happen, I think I’d look for a new planet to live on. Climate change is good, and environmentalists have zero credibility on that subject since they have changed their own core tenants of their beliefs in recent years.

  1. How so?

Answer: They totally flip-flopped. For decades, environmentalists warned the world about global cooling. Then when things started heating up, they sounded the alarm against global warming. Finally, after high profile pictures were published of severe snowfalls blocking their entrance to their global warming conventions, they dropped their warming warning and changed it to a new ‘boogeyman’ alarm: Fearing ‘climate change.’ It’s all nonsensical and just an excuse to push through an ever more radical Socialist agenda.

  1. Can you elaborate?

Answer: Socialists, Communists and other enemies of free markets will seize any opportunity they can to try to divide and conquer. Karl Marx and other Communist leaders would always try to stir up trouble between the so-called haves and have nots. Racial division, economic differences, any excuse to pit people against each other to advance their entry-level causes leading toward their main cause to have a global socialist government. And their sought-after ‘utopia’ is one without freedom, without the ability to enjoy the fruits of your labor, and for everything to be owned by big government. Their enemies are the United States Constitution, the right to bear arms, property ownership, and free markets.

  1. A new report from the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded that as the world’s climate changes, ocean warming is accelerating, and sea levels are rising more quickly. Doesn’t that concern you?

Answer: The ocean tides change daily. They are called ‘tidal changes.’ But it’s the moon causing that. And whatever shred of truth there might be from the lunatic conclusions the so-called scientists at the UN have made accusing mankind (and presumably women also) of being responsible for changing ocean levels, you can put that blame in a thimble compared to what the moon does daily to our oceans. It’s all imaginary, with fabricated facts, leading to a fabricated crisis and just an excuse to destroy free markets and to tax the world.

  1. You have written about Socialism in its various forms in your new book, “Social Sucks Your Money from Your Pocket. Tell us about it and where we may get a copy.

Answer: It’s available at Amazon.com and in bookstores.

About Joe Sixpack…

Joe Sixpack is the author of the book Socialism Sucks Your Money from Your Pocket and publisher of the social media page Real Joe Sixpack at: http://facebook.com/realjoesixpack

Joe was born into a lower middle-class family in the late 1960’s, a bouncing bundle of joy for Mr. and Mrs. Sixpack. Joe’s parents raised him on a heavy dose of common sense. At the time, common sense was far more common than it is today. In fact, today, common sense is actually controversial. When you use it, you’re actually stirring the pot. As a young adult, Joe graduated from the school of hard knocks. While he rebelled against authority in his youth, he simultaneously respected the laws of the land (well, at least the ones that made sense). While Joe never started a fight, he finished each one. Through hard work, Joe was able to elevate himself into a modest upper middle-class existence. Each day, Joe strives to improve his lot in life by utilizing the capitalist system that is the free market. He never seeks handouts. You could do much worse than emulating this guy. Joe loves God, country, classic cars, shooting guns and rock ‘n roll.

About the book, Socialism Sucks Your Money from Your Pocket, by Joe Sixpack (2019 Clovercroft Publishing) …

Imagine working hard to earn or achieve something, then after you get it, you’re told you must give some or all of it away in the name of fairness. That principle is at the heart of Socialism – and it sucks!

Only wicked people who benefit are the ones who take from achievers and give to deadbeats. They also have a much larger and darker plan. They are not interested in fairness at all.

They want to steal in the name of fairness, then control you because what they really want is wealth and power without working for it honestly.

They will also lie at every turn to get that wealth and power. As a young man or woman, you are going to enter the real world and have Socialists posing as teachers and professors who want to brainwash you into believing Socialism doesn’t suck – don’t believe them!

Maybe you’re a parent who is concerned about the future of your child. Socialism Sucks is the perfect remedy. Instead of listening to Socialists, your son or daughter needs common sense.

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