5 Apps a Business Owner Should Never Be Without


Keeping up with the latest digital trends is just one of a million things that a business owner has to think about but also one of the more important. If you don’t keep up you will be left behind and find it hard to catch back up.

Fortunately, there are many great apps available on both Android and iOS and we have come up with five that you definitely should be using. These will each make the running of your business far easier while also allowing you to say that you are at the front of the line when it comes to the latest digital trends.


If you are like us, you get sick and tired with trying to remember the dozen logins and passwords that you need for each and every app, website, subscription, Netflix Amerika kijken, and payment method. It is never a good idea to keep the same password for all so we all ours are different but this makes it even worse when trying to remember.

Instead, this excellent app allows you to store all of these passwords and other sensitive information such as credit card addresses and other information in one handy place. It requires just one password to open and there you will have everything that you need.


There are many excellent productivity/collaboration apps out there but Slack has to be one of the best. Teams can chat, conference call and work alongside each other on projects using this excellent app. Gone are the days of email and even limited messengers such as Skype which are more suited to keeping up with friends and family rather than collaborating with a team.

Google Drive

We used to prefer Dropbox but Google Drive has taken cloud storage to a whole new level with things like Google Docs and Google Sheets that can be used alongside it. This will allow you and your team to centralize your workflow and store it so that whoever needs access can have it. It can be accessed by all devices whether you are working on a laptop or a mobile device.

A VPN of Your Choice

If you are somebody that travels a lot or frequently has to attend business meets in other countries, you really shouldn’t be without a VPN. Many people think that VPNs are only to get access to things like Netflix Amerika but they are so much more than that. They will allow you better protection when using unsecured hotel WiFi or public hotspots and will also allow you to enjoy unrestricted internet access in countries that like to restrict what their citizens can see or do.


Finally, as we originally stated in this article, keeping up with technology and the latest trends can be difficult. With the Feedly app, this RSS aggregator will allow you to collect and manage the RSS feeds from as many websites as you like and keep them all in one handy location. It will then alert you to any new posts that are released so that you are always one of the first in line to see them.


We really could have made this list so much longer as there are so many apps out there that you really shouldn’t be without. That said, these are our top five right now.

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