Why Cybersecurity Is Very Relevant In A Digital World


Cybersecurity is a hot topic currently. Every other day there is a news story about a company getting hacked and subsequent data loss. The problem with these stories is that none stress the importance of cybersecurity and what can be done about it. This article aims to fill that gap by giving you 12 reasons cybersecurity is indispensable. Read on!

Protection of personal information

Cybersecurity is imperative for any organization that collects and uses personal data. According to a study published recently by the Statista Research Department, over 53 million individuals have been impacted by data exposure, leakage and breaches since 2005.  Cybercriminals are relentless in their attempts to steal your valuable information. Many have developed ways to bypass traditional security measures such as firewalls and anti-virus software. Using cybersecurity solutions ensures all digital assets get protected from hackers and similar threats.

This helps you gain customer trust and lowers the risk of facing fines from regulatory agencies due to breaches of data privacy laws such as the GDPR (General data protection regulation). It also presents an opportunity for growth as you learn how your company uses sensitive data and create appropriate policies for their handling.

Helps businesses stay competitive

Cybersecurity is a competitive advantage for any business. It protects intellectual property, customer data, and employee data against cyber attacks. To achieve your enterprise goals and gain a competitive edge in today’s market, you must have strong cybersecurity measures in place.

The best way to stay ahead of current trends and competitors is to design cybersecurity protection procedures according to your needs. You may equip your information technology professional with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle cybersecurity in your organization. For example, an online ms in computer science is a great way to gain or advance these skills.

Aids remote working

Remote working is an excellent model for businesses wishing to enhance workflow and retain great talents. While this is great, remote teams are at an increased risk of being victims of cybercrime. Implementing proper cybersecurity measures can streamline remote working, allowing companies to retain the best employees with minimal glitches.

 Safeguards national security

Technology has many uses  so it is no doubt that it is intricately interwoven with cybersecurity. For example, according to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency, one in every five individuals reported financial loss related to cybersecurity issues. Cyber attacks could disrupt infrastructure, such as power grids or telecommunications networks but proper cybersecurity measures can forestall such attacks.

Prevent identity theft

You’ve probably heard of identity theft. It’s a crime in which someone uses your personal information without your permission. Identity thieves can use your stolen information to get credit cards, loans, and other benefits in your name.

In many cases, the criminals who commit these crimes understand the implications and do everything to prevent being traced. This makes it extremely difficult for law enforcement agencies to arrest them.

Protects children

Children are the most vulnerable demographic to cyber threats. They’re at a higher risk for cyberbullying, cyberstalking, and online predators than adults. A child may not understand how dangerous these behaviors can be for their well-being.

Cybersecurity protects children from inappropriate content and activities by keeping them away from harmful websites or apps on mobile devices. This way, you can prevent them from stumbling onto inappropriate material while using their phones or tablets at home or on school grounds.

Protects confidential information

Cybersecurity is essential because it protects your business from cyber attacks and similar threats. Cybersecurity helps you retain confidential information and prevents the loss of sensitive data and information.

Improves productivity

Cyber attacks slow personal devices and networks, impinging on employees’ organizational performance. Companies should implement automated backups; virus scanning and firewall enhancement to improve cybersecurity measures which in turn enhances productivity.

Enhances privacy

Cybersecurity is about protecting the privacy of individuals, businesses, and government agencies. It is vital to note that when it comes to cyber security, there are three types of data. These are personal information (such as your name or address), financial information (credit card numbers, bank accounts) and business-critical data such as intellectual property (IP).

The more sensitive these types of data are for you or your company, the more measures you will need to take to safeguard them against cyber threats.

Helps businesses comply with laws and regulations

Organizations need to comply with the laws and regulations that are in place. They have to abide by the ethical standards of their industry, which means they cannot take advantage of their customers or employees.

 To implement cyber security correctly, organizations need to understand how these regulations work together for compliance and to stand out among competitors  by demonstrating high levels of transparency about their data protection efforts.

Safeguards against credit card fraud

You may not think credit card fraud is a severe crime, but it can cost you both time and money. Credit card fraud can happen at any time to anyone and victims can lose their  identity or credit score. If someone steals your personal information or makes purchases using your card, they could do so many more times before being detected by law enforcement.

This means there’s no way for you to know if someone  else has made fraudulent charges on your account until much later—and by then, it is usually too late for any restitution!

Safeguards against email frauds

Email fraud is a common problem. Criminals use dishonest emails to acquire personal information or to gain access to financial accounts from which they can then steal money.

To sum it all

With the rise in cybercrime, keeping your data safe is now more important than ever. The world is full of threats, but you can take the right steps to protect yourself and your loved ones. Understanding cybercrime and how cybersecurity works is critical to safeguarding yourself and others against potential fraud.

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