What Are the Most Common Allergy Triggers?


You might think your home is a safe space. It is somewhere you can stay healthy and enjoy your life without any concerns. However, the truth is that your home might not be as safe and protective as you think it is, and in some cases, it might even be making you sick.

This is usually down to allergies. Many people suffer from allergies, and although most of the time, the symptoms are mild, sometimes they can be much worse and even fatal. Knowing what you are allergic to avoid triggering the symptoms is a great idea and understanding that your home might actually harbor some of these triggers is essential. In that way, you can remove the problem or put measures in place to avoid the symptoms. Read on to find out more.

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Although they might be a beloved member of the family, your pets could also trigger your allergies. Before getting a pet, it is wise to check every member of the household to ensure they do not have an allergy (you might spend time with other people’s pets, for example). Not having a pet in a household where someone is allergic is obviously the ideal solution.

However, sometimes allergies can develop later on, and, of course, having a pet is good for lonely people or for those who simply love animals, and depriving them of this companionship when there are other solutions would not be fair. If you have pet allergies, make sure you find good medication such as Avamys Spray for hayfever, you wash your bedding frequently at high temperatures, and you have daily (or even twice daily) showers.


Dust can be a big issue for those who have asthma or other respiratory conditions. It can also cause allergic reactions such as welts, itchy eyes, and difficulty breathing (which is why it is bad for those with asthma, for example).

The best way to deal with a dust allergy is to clean your home as often as possible. If you are too busy to vacuum and dust every day, you might need to employ a cleaner to help you, as this will reduce your symptoms. Just be careful with the cleaning solutions used, as they can also be triggers for allergies if they contain too many chemicals. Try to use natural products where you can.


It’s a very unpleasant thought, but the fact is that cockroaches can be found almost everywhere, and they are a big reason why some people’s allergies are triggered. It isnot the cockroach that people are allergic to; it is actually their droppings (making it even more disgusting).

Make sure you block up any gaps and cracks in your property to stop the roaches from getting inside and always clear away food waste as soon as you are finished cooking or eating – this will mean they are not attracted to it in your home. There is less chance of finding cockroaches in your house.

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