Candice Matthews Explains “What Does The Rainbow Push Coalition Do?”


Candice Matthews has spent her career as a tireless advocate for children often overlooked and underrepresented by the system, as well as a staunch defender of the rights of all people to fair and equitable treatment. The Rainbow Push Coalition is near and dear to her heart. She believes passionately in its mission of leveling the playing field to promote global peace and justice. It is her ardent wish for everyone in our country to have the opportunity to experience the American Dream.

What Is the Rainbow Push Coalition?

This non-profit organization originated from a merger between Rev. Jesse Jackson’s founding organizations: the National Rainbow Coalition and Operation PUSH (People United to Save Humanity). It is an inclusive body that works to protect civil rights and seek social justice. Their members understand the importance of political activism to keep these critical topics at the forefront of legislation and spend countless hours donating their time to be the voice for those who are too often overlooked, ignored, or forgotten. Though headquartered in Chicago, there are offices in New York, Oakland, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Detroit, Los Angeles, and Candace Matthew’s home, Houston.

What Services Does It Provide?

Since 1996, the RPC has provided educational, occupational, and financial assistance to provide opportunities for people who had nowhere else to turn. These deserving individuals and families may otherwise have missed out on their potential to contribute to society through lack of money to go to school or inability to find a job. Without the coalition’s advocacy, many people who experienced financial downturns may have otherwise lost their homes. To date, they have made a significant impact, including:

  • Paid $6.1 in scholarships
  • Found over 500 jobs for minority workers
  • Saved over 4,000 homes from foreclosure with financial assistance
  • Provided free robotics and aviation classes to over 1,500 at-risk youth

One of its affiliates is the Citizens Education Fund. The CEF conducts research, collects data on non-partisan initiatives, and holds seminars and campaigns to further awareness of many public policy issues. PUSH Excel is another affiliate that strives to provide educational assistance to students experiencing hardships due to family, community, or personal challenges.

Candice Matthews Bio

Candice Matthews is the CEO and Executive Director at the Children of Diversity Foster Adoption Agency in Houston and Beaumont. In her role, she helps youth in crises with licensed, therapeutic foster homes within the system. Their goal is to ensure the children are supported and treated with compassion. She also manages business plan development with public organizations such as the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, Texas Department of Human Health Services, the International Adoptions Organization and its board of directors, Prairie View A&M University, and the Lamar University College of Social Work,

Spurred by her work with the Rainbow Push Coalition and its emergency call to action, Texas opened two new COVID-19 testing sites in January 2022. Candice Matthews also developed the accountability program for the Texas Coalition of Black Democrats and was recently named as the accountability chair.

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