The Benefits of Gas and Solar Powered Generators


Modern technology is witness to regular updates. The continuous innovations and creativity have made the older inventions redundant making, the better more available versions of the technology accessible amongst the masses.

The case is no different for generators too, although the alternative sources of energy have been here for a long time now the addition of solar powered generators to the variety of generators available has started a great debate among the users of the generators.

Gas and diesel-powered generators have been here for a long time, these alternate sources of energy have helped the users in coping with the lack of power. However, solar-powered generator as the name suggests has revolutionized the generator industry offering services that were unheard of before.

As observers, we cannot pinpoint and choose the best generator type for you. However, we can present to you the benefits of the different kinds of generators available at An idea of the basics of the generators will help you in making an informed decision when choosing one.

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Solar Generators

Solar electricity generators as the name suggest uses Photovoltaic (PV) panels to convert sunlight into electricity and to use the energy to charge the regulator. In addition to the PV panel, solar power generators also have a regulator and an inverter.

Both the regulator and the inverter have their properties and functions which contribute to the supply of electricity. The regulator is responsible for supplying power to the batteries stopping when the batteries are fully charged. The inverter uses the DC (Direct Current) from the cells and converts it into AC (Alternating Current) electricity.

A solar Generator is not as sophisticated as its counterparts. You will not have to deal with the extra parts found in the conventional generators.

The Benefits of a Solar Generator
· Renewable Energy

Possibly the biggest reason why more and more people are opting for solar generators is because of the renewable energy they offer. Unlike gas and fuel generators, with solar generators, you don’t have to worry about continually feeding the generator to drive performance from the generator.

A solar generator depends upon the rays of the sun to develop the energy that runs through your house. The daylight is the fuel that runs your generator.

The ability to generate energy from the sun makes the use of solar powered generator cheaper in comparison to other forms of generators.

Additionally, the natural and renewable energy that the sun offers clears you from the tension of worrying about the energy source running out. Unlike gas or fuel powered generator you will not have to go and get more sunlight, the generator suffices from the energy available.

· Noise Reduction

For those who use gas or fuel powered generators will know the high levels of sound that the generator makes. If left running for an extended period, the sound of the generator can become extremely difficult to endure.

Solar generators are noise free. You can use Solar generators at any time of the day without them making a sound at all since the generators store the energy from the sun and supply it throughout the day.

· Environment-Friendly

Gas generators emit carbon monoxide. The gas can be deadly if left indoors; this is why gas generators are left outdoors. If left outdoors the gas that a carbon generator emits is equivalent to that of a small car’s exhaust.

In comparison, solar generators are more environment-friendly as they don’t emit any hazardous gas in the environment. You can take a portable solar generator along with you on a trip to the woods or a mountain and use them without the worry of the generator affecting the environment.

Gas Generators

Unlike the solar generator, a gas generator has many parts that work effectively and are a source of continuous supply of energy.

A gas generator runs on gasoline, as the engine and an alternator inside the generator converts the chemical energy that gasoline has into mechanical energy.

The conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy is a complex process which involves a lot of wires and magnets. The copper wire creates an electric charge when it moves over a stationary magnet.

The electric charge when produced in significant quantities leads to the supply of electricity.

Benefits of Gas Generators
· Constant Supply of Power:

A gas generator is a continuous supply of power. The sophisticated machinery can produce electricity as long as they are powered on; this is unlike the solar generator which needs time to charge before functioning.

A solar generator can be cheap, but during an emergency, a gas generator can be a constant source of power for the user. A gas generator can be used immediately and does not need charging before use.

· Use Anytime:

The use of a gas generator is not limited to the time of the day. Since the generators are not dependent upon sunlight, they can supply power at any time of the day.

A solar generator may not be ideal during days when there is rain around as it may not have the energy it derives from sunlight.

· Size:

Although the size of a gas generator is directly dependent upon the scale of energy they provide, you can still use gas generators that are portable in nature,

A gas generator that supplies electricity to a smaller location or a house can be moved from one place to another without much of a hassle.

Much larger units, however, need special attention as they can be heavy to transport.

In addition to the benefits that the different generators have to offer there is a lot more that goes into choosing the best one.

The price of the generators, the reasons you need them for, and the conditions you will be using them in are factors that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right type of generator.

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