5 Reasons To Hire A Criminal Defence Lawyer In Australia


Sydney is one of Australia’s biggest cities and serves as New South Wales’s state capital. As a result of the efforts taken to stop the pandemic from spreading, all high-volume property crimes and many violent crimes in New South Wales dramatically decreased in April 2020. Since then, most violent crimes—including robbery, non-domestic assault, and domestic assault—have returned to their pre-pandemic levels concerning the citizens. Different criminal laws apply in each Australian state, and there are apparent differences between jurisdictions regarding crimes, punishments, and criminal procedure. One of the 17 major crime categories saw an increasing trend in the 24 months leading up to June 2021.

In Australia and cities such as Sydney criminal lawyers play a vital role in the legal system. Defence lawyers help individuals charged with crimes or offences to understand their rights and guide them with the available options to defend themselves against the claims made. The defence lawyer’s role includes work inside and outside the court. It includes offering negotiations to avoid trial, collecting evidence to prove that the client is not guilty of the charges claimed, assessing the reliability of the evidence found by the prosecution or the police, and compiling reports.

Here are some key reasons why you should hire a criminal defence lawyer-

Support in Police Interviews:

In cases where the interrogation can be intense and due to nervousness, you can say things that may be used against you. In such cases having a criminal defence lawyer can save you from the stress and worry that these interviews induce. Moreover, you will likely know which questions you can answer and what to answer.

Chances to Succeed Increase:

The probability that you will be charged rises if you enter a courtroom without legal representation or a weak defence. If you don’t hire a qualified attorney, you put yourself at risk for terrible results, like being falsely accused, being found guilty, going to prison, losing your job, being unable to find employment due to a criminal record, and being denied any licences among other things.

Access to Bail:

You don’t want to remain in custody while awaiting trial, even if you’re dealing with a criminal charge and are detained by the police. You can request bail until the judge hears the matter. You cannot, however, reapply for bail if there is difficulty with the application process and it is denied the first time. Therefore, filling out your bail application correctly the first time is crucial. A skilled criminal defence attorney will guide you through each process and get bail on your behalf. They’ll help you with every step and prepare you for the trial.

Final Thoughts:

Sydney criminal lawyers ensure that the legal process is transparent and more accessible for you. The laws differ from state to state, so selecting a criminal defence attorney who will effectively represent you in your particular situation is crucial. Working with someone knowledgeable about the local legal system is also vital.

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