Milwaukee Divorce: Who Gets The Dog?


There are several issues that one must resolve in a divorce before moving on in life. While we know couples, who have lived together for the sake of their kids before parting ways, what happens when you have a pet? Many divorces in Wisconsin get complicated for that reason alone. Your fur baby is more than just an animal. Besides being an unselfish companion, your pet brings joy and happiness, and it can be hard to let go. In this post, let’s talk about pet custody and why you should talk to a Milwaukee divorce lawyer for that.

Wisconsin divorce laws

According to Wisconsin divorce laws, pets are considered and treated as personal property, like your house, clothes, and everything else. If you are in the business of selling animals, your pets will be considered business assets. As such, the court must divide the pets in the same way as personal property, which means either party may get custody of the pets.

With that aspect in place, you and your spouse have the right to decide who gets to keep the pet, keeping the interests in mind, and in most cases, the court will accept the arrangement. Many judges are also animal lovers and may not always see pets as personal property. You could be lucky to have a judge who allows you to visit the pet and have similar rights concerning seeing the fur baby, just like kids.

What happens if there is no agreement?

Talk to your divorce lawyer in Milwaukee if you are not in agreement with regard to pets with your spouse. The judge has the right to decide, which means the case could go either way. Your lawyer can help you make the right decision, and if you can negotiate with your spouse on that, the agreement will be considered by the judge. There are also financial considerations, such as how the couple will share the cost of training and other expenses.

If the judge finds no agreement between the spouses, they will consider the contributions of both parties and decide whether the pet is likely to be in a better arrangement with one. Both parties are allowed to present testimonies, evidence, and witnesses to prove certain details. Your lawyer will argue on your behalf and ensure the case has merit.

Don’t make haste decisions regarding pets – get a lawyer before you act. They can help you get the right outcome.

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