All One Needs To Know About Crocodile Embossed Leather Bands For Watches


One of the most excellent accessories to offer someone is a watch. Making a fashion statement, though, can occasionally take precedence. A person’s fashion game will succeed or fail, depending on how one carries oneself and what one wears. Even if fashion has evolved significantly throughout time, some items will always be valuable.

The leather strap trend should never be written off as outdated because it exudes the greatest in class. The bands with crocodile embossing give the appearance some flair. They go well with informal and formal clothing, recognizing the wearer’s mood and adapting to their style. A crocodile apple watch band can become a person’s go-to modus operandi in presenting one’s identity.

Get To Know About The Leather Band

Typically of bovine or synthetic origin, crocodile embossed leather is printed and treated to make it look like natural reptile skin. Then, with pressure and heat, artificial designs are imprinted on the leather’s natural grain to create embossed leather.

Compared to natural, real reptile skin, crocodile embossed leather is far less expensive, has no ethical repercussions, and is more durable.

Difference Between Genuine And Crocodile Embossed Leather

  1. Articles made of genuine crocodile leather feature scales or tiles that gradually morph from larger, more square-shaped tiles (belly) to smaller, more rounded tiles (sides). In most cases, an embossed object won’t exhibit this transition, and if a particular tile is repeated several times, it is probably a fake.
  2. Genuine leather alone is not enough information to identify the type of leather in an article. In commercial and retail practice, several companies refer to the lowest quality leathers as “genuine leather.” Some people might use the term “full grain leather,” but this still doesn’t tell what kind of leather it is; it merely indicates that the grain is not composed of scraps or that the leather is not bonded.

Care For Crocodile Embossed Leather Bands

Apple watches are more expensive than most other watch brands on the market. Therefore, maintaining the wristwatch and the crocodile Apple watch band becomes a concern. Furthermore, leather tends to deteriorate and lose value if it isn’t preserved in the right circumstances. Always keep the band dry by wiping it down after each use. If possible, a leather conditioner can be used. Make sure to clean up any soap residue if used.

Why Consider Buying A Crocodile Embossed Leather Band

Embossed crocodile band has been famous in fashion for a while, a must-have in the collections of brands like Mulberry, Saint Laurent, and Staud; as a result, it has evolved into a distinct fashion statement rather than being viewed as a substitute for genuine crocodile. Then again, given how drastically different the two styles are, perhaps those snobby fashion types were suitable all along.


Buying leather products can be extravagant, and good quality embossed leather can cost a bit more than metal or silicone bands. But no one has complained or been dissatisfied with their preference for leather wristwatch bands. The only factor to look out for would be whether the product one is buying is genuine and certified or not. Other than that, crocodile embossed leather bands never go out of style.

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