XRP Ripple Price Prediction


The cryptocurrency market offers hundreds of assets for investment. If you look at coins ranking, you will see the top traded cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, XRP, etc. What characterizes a crypto asset? It is price, market capitalization, and daily trade volume. Let’s see what affects the crypto price:

  • supply and demand;
  • market trends;
  • investors’ sentiment;
  • global events in the world;
  • global economy;
  • financial regulators.

Even though the government does not impact the emission and price of crypto assets, it still affects some crypto projects. For example, Ripple.

Ripple network is meant to be a versatile payment settlement system for financial establishments’ usage. Ripple provides lightning-fast money transactions to any point in the world at an incredibly low cost. The network had got many large partnerships, among them, some American financial establishments already using the Ripple network for their needs. However, the company has been in legal proceedings with SEC for many years, which does not let Ripple develop in full and open its potential.

The current XRP price USD can be found in the traded pair XRP USDT. As of mid-September, it is $0,3356.

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The Future of XRP Ripple

Crypto experts has come to the conclusion that by the end of 2022, the XRP price could raise up to $0,640 and reach $0,819 by the end of 2023. The average price estimated for Ripple in 2025 is $1,150. However, if the company finished legal proceedings with SEC, things may turn out to be much brighter for Ripple.

To check out the current XRP USD rate, you can go to the WhiteBIT crypto exchange. Right there, you can buy Ripple tokens with fiat money directly from your bank card. The process will take some time for account registration and verification. However, as a result, you will access the full functionality of the platform and the ability to deposit and withdraw funds directly to your bank card with no limit.

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