Why you need professionals to deal with your plumbing issues?


Plumbing problems are a part of your life when you live in a house. These problems are of wide variety, ranging from a leaking faucet, clogged drains of toilet, sink or shower, broken hot water heater, broken or blocked garbage disposal, backup of sewer system, broken or leaking pipes, running toilet to low pressure of water.

All of these issues are a source of discomfort and inconvenience for you and you do not want to deal with them yourself. You can surely solve some of these problems by yourself with some home remedies but sometimes these remedies are not enough.

Usually, you can unclog a drain by your own methods if the blockage is not much by first pouring baking soda and then vinegar down the drain and keeping it unused for some hours. For grease buildup, usually pouring baking soda, salt and then boiling water usually does the trick. The plunger can also be used for this purpose but when all these methods fail, you know it is time to call for the help of a professional.

All these remedies can also harm your pipes and drainage system. Instead of solving the problem, these corrosive chemical substances can damage your system. Also, you have to closely observe if the blocking is in other drains or pipes also because if this is the case then the problem is in the main pipe or drain and you definitely need to call emergency plumbers to handle this.

They would use special equipment to unclog the drain. The equipment includes manual and motorized drain snakes and if these also fail and the problem is further down, they can use a hydro-jetting machine that uses high pressure water current to remove the blocking material.

Similarly, I small leak in a pipe can be closed by you but you are not an expert in repairing large breaks in pipes or replacing broken pipes. And you also cannot wait for mold and mildew to grow; you have to get professional help immediately. Plumbers usually use plumber’s putty or plumber’s tape to seal breaks in sinks, drains, toilets and pipes.

Sewer backup is a plumbing emergency along with failure of sump pump and water shut off valve because all these issues cause flooding of clean as well as dirty harmful water. If these emergencies are not dealt with in time, they would not only damage property, furniture and appliances but also your health. So, calling plumbers is necessary in these cases also.

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