Greatest Political and Cultural Books to Read


Politics and culture is a profoundly vast and diverse subject which is supported by many ideological principles. Both are strong pillars that shape up a society and have a colossal impact on the sustainability and wellbeing of citizens of a region. Culture is treated as a heritage of a region and its people which carve out their identity and make them distinctive of all the rest of the people on earth. A strong and vivid culture is portrayed in different aspects and its manifestations are seen around us in art, traditions, music, lifestyles, practices, etc.

There is a significant number of people who take a keen interest in the subject of politics and culture. Both aspects are different from each other but are jointly attributed in many ways. In order to learn about politics and culture, most people tend to delve into books. It is known that books are a great way to learn and understand subjects, ideas, philosophies, and ideologies. Books offer are a getaway of tons of information regarding any subject.

Here is a list of possibly some of the best titles on the subject of culture and politics which you can certainly pick up at your nearest book store or download online:

The Modernization of Egypt by Sherif Delawar

Africa and the Middle East have been the center of much political and cultural activity in the last few decades. Egypt for a great number of reasons is a very progressive nation that has recently seen a revolution. The dominant Muslim nation in Africa has caught the world’s attention not only for its breathtaking art and architecture but the dynamics in its vivid culture which are comprehensively covered in the book by Sherif Delawar. This book is an absolute page turner and Mr. Delawar is known as a Thinker in Economic Development, a Professor of Managerial Sciences, Board Member of Trustees of the National Training Academy. He has many accolades to his name for his active work on the public life in Egypt including the Chevalier dans l Ordre des Palmes Academiques by France and has worked with public organizations in the past such as the United Nations.

Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith

Adam Smith is known to be the father of economics. Much of the economics textbooks are based on the ideas and theories developed by Smith during his career. However, this book is a much personal and eye-opening account of how it all works with the global powers in the world. The book majorly concerns with the globally spread public and offers a lot of information on how society works by money.

What Happened by Hillary Clinton

The 2016 US Presidential Election attracted a lot of media attention and controversy as the Republican nominee Donald J. Trump was elected as the POTUS. This was a major event in the world which also shook the rival Democrats and the candidate, Hillary Clinton, who after a stern battle with Trump conceded her defeat. Followed by, she published this book in 2017, covering all the major highlights of US Elections from the controversy of her emails to the alleged involvement of Russia.

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