When Is Customer Service a Selling Point?


In any business, it’s easy to think of customer service as simply being a neat bonus – not something that’s going to draw in any new audiences, but something that’s nice to have. There might be times, though, when it’s much more of a draw than that. The benefit of that is that it doesn’t restrict potential selling points to being things that only come with higher degrees of income. Any business, so long as there is an opportunity for the business to interact with the customer at one stage or another, has the opportunity to provide quality customer service and turn that situation to its advantage.

The Customer Experience

The essence of your brand isn’t just about your core product or service; it’s also about how those things are delivered from you to the customer. This is the customer experience, and the service provided by your team is often going to be the vehicle that makes this happen. Delivering a quality customer experience means that your audiences feel as though their needs are met from the moment they decide to engage your brand to the moment that’s finished. In fact, an incredibly positive example of this might be enough to encourage them to leave their own positive review or further engage with your brand on social media, with either result being potentially lucrative moving forward.

Bedside Manner and Residential Care

When it comes to private healthcare clinics or residential care, the idea of customer service blends into the concept of bedside manner. At this point, it becomes less of a tangential element of the business and more of a core component. For example, those at morriscare.co.uk are experienced in housing residents with dementia, but they also have to be able to be friendly and accommodating so that the people living there feel happy and comfortable. It’s not enough to have the qualifications; the interaction with residents is instrumental in whether or not people want to live there.

In healthcare clinics, the physical experience and ability to treat patients are always going to take priority, but the matters being dealt with are always delicate. This means that effective social skills are paramount to delivering the right experience.

Taking Feedback on Board

Customer service isn’t just about when the interaction is on your terms, either. There might be times when your customers want to provide you with feedback – perhaps even due to a complaint or criticism that they might have. This could be something that they voice to you directly, or it might be something that they want to state through an online review that is instead geared towards other customers.

While it might not be your first instinct, this is a situation to embrace rather than avoid. Not only can this feedback be valuable for how you improve your business, but it also provides you with an opportunity to respond and showcase your willingness to do better – enthusiastically getting as much information as possible and potentially turning a negative experience into a positive one.

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