Various Options in Freshwater Pearl Sizes


Freshwater pearls come in different shape and size and these are generally smaller than the other categories of pearls. Freshwater pearls have sizes ranging from 4.0 mm to 12.0 mm. You can achieve a graceful look by choosing an appropriate size of pearl jewelry.

Which size of Pearl Can Be Purchased?

This question mostly haunts you when you go to purchase pearl jewelry. As you know that big size pearls are highly visible as compared to small sized pearls, but they are not a perfect choice for every woman. The detailed information about the different freshwater pearl jewelry you can find out here it has a unique range of freshwater pearl jewelry in different designs.

The Sizes in Freshwater Pearl Jewelry:

These freshwater pearls come in different sizes and as necklaces and earrings are the most desirable jewelry pieces for any woman. These freshwater pearl necklaces also come in different size.

There are various factors that help in choosing the freshwater pearl necklace. These pearl necklaces are categorized depending on the size of their pearl.

  • 6 mm to 7 mm -The necklaces having this pearl size are suitable for young ladies. They can be given to girls in the form of gifts also.
  • 7 mm to 8 mm – Pearl necklaces in this size range are classic. They impart a traditional and stylish look to a woman. They can be worn on any occasion.
  • 8 mm to 9 mm – They impart a luxurious look and can be given to older ladies.
  • 9 mm to 10 mm – As these pearls are bigger in size. They are highly visible and look impressive.
  • Larger than 10 mm- The pearl with this size range is rare to find.

Effect of Pearl Size on Value:

 There are six factors in determining the beauty and value of a pearl, its color, shape, luster, nacre and size. The pearl size affects the value of a pearl. The freshwater pearls which are large in size are more valuable.


Thus, the pearl size determines the value of a pearl. The pearls which are large in size are prized more. So, it is important to consider your budget before buying them.

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