How To Improve Your Transcription Skills


A transcriptionist specializes in the process of converting a speech or audio into a written format. In order to be an efficient transcriptionist, you must possess fast and correct typing and listening skills and should have the ability to provide multitasking performance with ease.

Many transcription companies would like their employees to work diligently. Thus, enhancing the quality of your work becomes highly important.

Go through the various tips we have shared here. By applying them in your work, you can easily improve your transcription abilities.

Practice fast typing

A professional transcriptionist knows to type on the keyboard following the correct procedure. you should practice to type with all your fingers and using shortcuts wherever necessary.

You can also check out various typing tutorials to develop a clear understanding of the topic. They offer training exercises that boost your typing ability and accuracy.

Use quality headphones

The high-quality headset will offer minimum disturbance and maximum clarity in the audio. It allows you to rewind the audio less for getting the message. It blocks the unwanted noise which results in understanding the words with better accuracy. Quality headphones also offer a frequency range and comfort. 

Don’t worry about the pricing as the benefits will simply outweigh its cost.

Transcription software

A transcription software contains a digital audio file that permits its users to listen to the recording and type accordingly.

This software can stop, forward, rewind or fast forward up and down the audio to make the typing a fast process.

Foot pedals 

Your hands are always in motion when you are typing. Therefore, rewinding, forwarding, etc. the recording can prove to be troublesome. 

Foot pedals allow you to perform the required tasks and hence, enhance your transcription speed. It ultimately proves to be crucial to improve your efficiency.

Use correction tools in your work

Using features such as autocorrect can reduce the number of keystrokes to correct any mistakes. It automatically saves a lot of time as it increases your speed.

Moreover, adding a dictionary in your software can provide meanings or alternatives for different words. This can give a more professional look to your transcript.

Implementing these tips could prove to be beneficial. It will also affect your turn around time in a positive manner and will make you more proficient. 

Moreover, it is highly recommended for beginners to get specialized training in transcription. It makes the learning process faster, thus increasing the prospects of a high paying job.

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