Freshwater Pearls vs. Saltwater Pearls – A Thoughtful Guide to Buying the Right Pearls!


Pearls are a symbol of grace and class since centuries. These days, they are available in large array of fashionable styles and designs. As a buyer, you might get confused among different variety of them when it comes to buying pearls.

As a result, having some basic idea on different kinds of pearls is always a good idea to get started. So, let us here know some basic differences between freshwater and saltwater pearls that will help you make an informed decision.

Major differences

Saltwater and freshwater pearls come with different types of lustres. Freshwater ones have softer lustre while saltwater ones have more brilliant and superficial lustre. This difference is basically caused by distinct kinds of molluscs that are used for producing pearls.

Freshwater pearls, as their name suggests, are grown in rivers, lakes, and ponds. A mollusc has the ability to produce over 50 such pearls at once. After the pearl starter gets inserted into mollusc, it can take around 4 – 6 years to develop the pearl completely.

Overall, freshwater pearls are usually more durable since they have thicker nacre as compared to saltwater pearls. This can be quite a crucial factor for the ones that want to hand pearl jewellery or necklace to their future generations.

Saltwater pearls are even referred to as Akoya pearls. They are largely produced in China and Japan. These pearls can take around 6-18 months to develop fully.

Buying the best pearl jewellery:

Pearls differ in colour, shape, and size depending on various factors like growing conditions, mollusc used, harvesting techniques, and so forth. Pearls can be of colours black, gray, white, cream, etc. A basic understanding in terms of value of pearls can really help the customers in choosing right pearl jewellery. Some of the important factors are:

  • Lustre – You must look out for clear images that are reflected in pearl for much better lustre.
  • Pearl similarity – It refers to how well pearls are matched in single jewellery.
  • Pearl size – It depends on personal preference. For instance, large pearls can be used in necklaces, smaller pearls can be appropriate for the earrings.

Shopping for pearl jewellery online can be much more desirable since you will be able to get unmatched collection. It is a wonderful place to find the rare pearls too!

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