Designing The Perfect Trade Show Booth: Follow These Rules


When it comes to trade shows, businesses have a lot to gain. Besides finding more leads and generating buzz for your brand, you can use these events to learn more about the market. Not to miss, you will be up against your immediate and distant competitors, which allows your company to do better with products and services. As far as trade show booth displays and designing the theme is concerned, we recommend the rules listed below.

Choose the color palette wisely

Have you heard of the 60/30/10 rule? There should be one primary color that should ideally occupy 60% of the space, while the secondary color should dominate 30%. An additional accent color should cover the remaining 10%. If you try to use too many bright shades at once, it can create clutter and confusion.

Be cautious with space

You don’t want to leave the walls and sides empty. Getting a booth at an event can cost huge, and your company needs to make the most of the available area. Ensure that there is enough to keep the attendees engaged, but at the same time, leave some white space, too, so that there is not too much to grasp.

Define your USPs

Your trade show booth should highlight the USP of your company. What makes your services or products unique? What can customers expect when visiting the stand? What problems do you solve for your targeted segment? Messaging is critical when designing a trade show booth, and if you can define it early, the remaining process is relatively simple.

Spend on quality and reusable displays

Today, you can find displays and exhibits in all forms, shapes, and sizes, and it is essential to use these products effectively to convey your brand’s value. Ensure you choose displays that are reusable, portable, and easy to install. It is also important to add interactive elements, wherever possible, and make room for conversations through popup stands and tabletop displays.

Work with a reliable trade show design team

Once you hire the right vendor to design the booth, choosing displays and working with signage will be much easier. Make sure to ask for samples and check the range of work they have done for other clients so far. You need a company that knows branding and how to use products to highlight info at events.

Always choose to take a step forward with your booth, even if it means spending a tad more.

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