Arrival of a sibling adds up to regression


A topic which affects each and every member of a family starts with regression. Age regression depends upon the age of an older kid when you bring home a sibling. If a kid is under the age cap of 4 years they face considerable difficulty with the arrival of a sibling. They lack in experience or finding it tough to cope up with developmental issues of a little sister or brother arriving in a family. It has little meaning for them and they are distressed and surprised by this experience. At the same time they have gone on to complete various development tasks which puts them at a greater risk of regression.

Child regression when baby comes out revolve on the following areas


Younger babies who have been having a routine sleep might suddenly wake out of bed replicating midnight feelings. There are chances they are working through uncomfortable feelings which do have an impact on their sleeping cycle. In a sub conscious manner they would like to join their parents in the middle of the night to crave for all attention or love they have been missing. The reason being that their time is divided with an arrival of a new born baby.

Potty problem

Older kids might get distracted by arrival of a new born baby and forget about potty training. They crave for the extra amount of time that their parents would spend with them on a changing table.


For mothers who might be feeding their old babies would crawl on to their lap holding their shoulders or arms. The older kids might ask for a bottle or prepare to suck from a bottle. The time spends between a mother and a baby is difficult to figure out as the newer lot would crave for all the attention they want in their life.

Older sibling regression is common when a parent views such behavioural changes in their kids. Do you want to such from a bottle just like your baby sister does? This makes sense as they can spend time with their mother.

Do avoid and keep away from lecturing your child. What should be done is to focus and pay enough attention to your child. This could outline the concerns and issues of a relationship between a parent and a baby.

It would be really tempting to check out an email or take a small nap when your little one sleeps. On the other side it provides a great opportunity of spending 10 to 15 minutes with your little one. This special time calls for a one on one session with your little one without major distractions.

To conclude even if regression continues after the new born baby has settled into the family it is an obvious sign that the older kid is struggling for all the attention or care that they deserve. As a parent you should revisit along with the care that you provide to the older sibling.

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