A Guide ON Bridesmaid Jewelry You Should Choose For a Wedding


A wedding is an important event in your life. Wearing unique jewelry enhances the beauty of a bridesmaid during a wedding. The choice of perfect jewelry along with wedding gown adds style and elegance to their looks.

Choosing the Bridesmaid Jewelry According To Theme

Freedom should be given in choosing the jewelry according to the theme. As pearls form an important part of jewelry, the theme of wearing a pearl necklace urban can be chosen. Even this can be the choice of wearing pearl earrings or a pearl choker. 

You need to talk to the bridesmaid regarding this, one of the bridesmaids can wear Chandelier pearl earrings and the other one can wear pearl clusters. In order to complement the bride opposite jewelry styles can be worn. If a bride wears a diamond tiara, the bridesmaid can go for wearing tiara shaped hair clips.

  • Choosing Bridesmaid Jewelry According To Neckline 

The neckline helps you in deciding what kind of necklace and the earrings you should wear. It also has an influence on the rings and bracelets you are going to wear as they should match with jewelry worn on the upper part of your body.

  • Choosing Jewelry According To Deep V- Neckline 

This neckline is a popular choice. If the gown has this neckline then choose a beaded necklace and even a fine pendant necklace having medium length can be chosen.

  • Strapless Neckline 

The bridesmaid jewelry can be a choker and also a delicate short chain necklace.

  • Halter Neckline 

With this neckline, your earrings become more prominent and draw all the attention. The perfect choice is earrings and a cuff bracelet.

  • Sweetheart Neckline 

With this neckline, a fine chain necklace or a collar necklace can be chosen. The necklace has to hang above the neckline.

  • Jewel Neckline 

It is popular and the purpose is to emphasize the jewelry. It looks elegant with a statement necklace and a multi-strand pearl necklace and small stud earrings.

  • Bateau (boat neck) neckline 

It is a classic neckline. Do not wear choker and collar necklaces with this neckline. You can wear beaded short necklaces along with a pair of drop earrings.


Thus choosing the appropriate bridesmaid jewelry is an important part of any wedding function. So this choice should be made wisely in accordance with your outfit. 

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